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1. EasyStruct 4.5 Enterprise SE System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Scripting : Download
  • Microsoft XML Parser 3.0 : Download
  • Microsoft Data Access Components : Download
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or above : Download
  • To generate ER diagram and PDF Reports, .NET Framework 2.0 or above is required : Download
  • To connect to IBM DB2, OLEDB provider for DB2: Download
  • To connect to Oracle the OLEDB Provider for Oracle : Download
  • To connect to MySQL the ODBC driver for MySQL : Download

2. I am trying EasyStruct for Oracle, installed all dependencies like oledb provider, MDAC,etc. Still i am unable to connect, getting error as "Selected provider doesn't exist, please install .. " why?

  • Please create service name using oracle net manager.
  • connect the EasyStruct by providing the server name as service name.
  • provide user name and password and click next

3. I got a memory error while opening the EasyStruct 4.5 after installation. Has this been rectified in SE?

Yes, this bug has been rectified in Easystruct 4.5 Enterprise SE.
All editions of EasyStruct 4.5 Enterprise SE require the following to be available in the system to run successfully.

4. I was trying to test your tools and run it against an Oracle 9i Database. But I am unable to connect to the Database. It shows the error message "Selected provider doesn't exist" why ?

To connect Oracle Database, you need to install OLEDB provider for oracle. Please download and install the same from .
Steps to connect Oracle database:

  • From the File menu select “New Reports”
  • Click “Next” in the Database Documentation Wizard
  • Select Oracle version from “Data Engine” dropdown list
  • Provide the Server name, user name and password and click “Next”.

5. Am trying to connect to MySQL database, Please let me know steps to connect the same ?

  • Please download and install MySQL ODBC driver : Download
  • Choose the Data base Engine as "others"
  • Give the connection string like below:
    Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver}; Server=localhost; Database=DatabaseName; User=Username; Password=password; Option=3;

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