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1. Can the software follow internal links and check for broken links on all pages of a website?

No, it only checks the links in the given page, not the entire website. However if you have the list of URL’s of a website in notepad file then you can give this as an input to URLChecker by “Open from File” option from “File” menu.

2. Results from URLChecker have so much wasted space between names and results that I cannot view names and results on screen simultaneously. When I printed the results everything was shown but the font size was so small I had problems reading even with a magnifying glass. When I increased font size only the names printed - How can I reduce the wasted space between the names and results? I have over 1000 urls and need a readable printout so I can remove bad urls. Your comments will be appreciated.

Copy and pasting the HTML file into MS Excel, then selected the all the rows using, right click and choose row height. Now change the height.

3. The following are the new features added in URL Checker 1.5:

  • Open From Folder feature - Now you could add URLs from more than one file. Just specify a folder and we will add URLs that we find from all the text files in the folder.
  • Automatic Proxy server detection - No more clumsy proxy server settings, URL Checker v1.5 now figures out your proxy settings from your Internet Explorer browser settings.
  • Command Line Support - You could initiate the loading of URLs and start validation from command line.
  • Active Row highlight - As and when the status of the URL is determined, the appropriate row gets highlighted.
  • Easy to access Task Tab - A welcome screen with easy two step process to use URL Checker has been introduced.
  • Default Settings in Options Menu - We give you lot more control over the configuration settings of the program, you can change the User-Agent that we send to web servers, files we look for in a folder and more. More control means more items that can get wrongly configured, so we have introduced a one-click button to revert to factory defaults.
  • Cancel the process - once the validation process begins you can now cancel the job. Useful in conditions where you have loaded thousands of URLs and wish to stop in between.
  • .NET Framework 2.0 - the application has been build to take advantage of performance improvements of latest .NET Framework 2.0 and above versions.

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