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URL checker 3.0
  • Save Results Reports in HTML, XML, PDF and TEXT file Formats
  • Multi-Threaded Application Ensures high-speed validation.
  • Options to choose Recurring validate and send reports for specific time period
  • Support for infinite link checks in the registered version
  • Shows complete history of all URLs and Activity of all Events
  • Description for reason of failure for each link verified.
  • Send Email Reports as HTML, XML, PDF and Text formats

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EasyStruct 4.5 Enterprise SE

EasyStruct 4.5 Enterprise SE
  • Documents all the object from the database
  • New Report formats and styles as HTML and Word Document
  • Executes SQL queries and save output as HTML
  • Entity Relationship for each Database
  • View the privileges of each object in the database
    and for each user
  • Displays dependencies of Views, Stored Procedures
    and Triggers.
  • Generates Complete SQL Script for the selected database

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