EasyStruct 4.5 Enterprise SE

EasyStruct 4.5 Enterprise SE

EasyStruct is the proven database structure documentation and migration tool. It documents the complete structure of a database and generates output as XML, HTML, Microsoft Word or PDF documents.

It helps you to migrate database structure from one database to another. The "execute query" feature allows you to execute SQL statements and view the output.

System Requirements :

What's New :

  • (ER) Entity Relationship diagram for each database.
  • (ER) Entity Relationship diagram included in HTML Report
  • Ability to display dependencies of Views, Stored procedures and Triggers
  • Ability for each user to view the privileges of every object in the database and for all users
  • New Report formats and styles
  • Columnar display of report in word document and xml
  • Run EasyStruct in silent mode for batch processing
  • Ability to generate complete SQL script file for the selected database
  • Execute SQL Query
  • Generate reports as XML, PDF and Microsoft word documents apart from HTML
  • View the database structure and choose objects to be included in the report
  • View export tables, foreign keys and indexes from one database engine to another
  • Generate Customized reports
  • Preview report output for individual objects

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