Subscription Engine

Vishwak Subscription Engine enables customers to set up recurring billing and subscription management app that helps manage the entire life cycle of their end customers - from billing, managing their subscriptions.

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Feature list

  • Plan Management

    • Plan Period – Actual subscription period in Days / Months / Years
    • Base Price of the Plan – Coupon values are applied on this value to give discount.
    • Discounted Price of the Plan – e.g. XX Amount is defined as Base Price and X Amount is given as discount so that the net amount is charged to the customer at the time of subscription. When a discount is given it is better “Apply Coupon” is Not selected to avoid double discount.
  • Subscription Engine

  • Coupon Management

    • Plan Period – Actual subscription period in Days / Months / Years
    • The coupons may be associated to active plans and define for fresh registrations or for both.
    • Will also have provision to create coupons for specific person’s email ID associated.
  • Subscription Engine

  • User Management

    • Admin can view the users profile.
    • Admin can make it active / inactive users.
    • User management module provide facility to update any information users wants to update from admin side.
  • Business Dashboard

    • Current month’s subscriptions.
    • Active Subscribers as on Date.
    • No. of Subscribers whose subscription is expiring in this month.
  • Subscription Engine

  • Reports

    • The system comes with Standard reports with various filtering options to select and view the required reports.
    • Some of the reports may be downloadable as excel for further analysis.
  • Subscription Engine

  • Notifications

    • The system to send periodic notifications to the users whose subscription is nearing expiry such as 15 Days before Alert, 7 Days before Alert, 3 Days before Alert, 2 Days before Alert, and 1 Day before Alert as emails.
    • System should allow to extract the list of Subscribers whose subscription is expiring by next month / next 2 months / next 3 months into an excel file so that Daily Thanthi team can utilize to do person-to-person marketing campaign.
    • System should allow to send specific email (pre-defined template with information on Promo Code or with some offer) to specific list of users whose subscription is nearing expiry.
  • Subscription Engine


  • ASP.Net(MVC)
  • SQL Server


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